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Modern Full Service Catering Company

Growing up in a very Caribbean influential household, from the tender age of 3, I could remember taking a chair to stand on and watch my mom clean and season meat. I was intrigued as a little girl about the importance that stood behind food. From it being a necessity, not only for survival but also the unity it resonates in EVERY home.. The reasoning behind comfort food. It does just that! Before our nuptuals, my now huband has supported my dream and vision and allowed me to give birth to my passion. We believe in and stand for quality food and with every dish we put out, it represents what we stand for. Not only do you become a client of ours but you become family. So come along with us for the ride and we'll guarantee you'll leave a happy and satisfied client with Caribbean Bites

Why us?

We utilize all natural herbs and spices infused in every dish as we would back home in the islands. Fresh and always made to customize your needs. We specialize in authentic West Indies cuisine and American cuisine so allow your taste buds to explore the Caribbean.

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